The presence of online-based luxury provider in Indonesia is an innovative thing for premium industry

The financial recession occurred several years later is a big blow for most countries in the world.

Fortunately not all countries got affected by this big scale economic crisis. Some countries in Asia was successfully to maintain economic stability during the recession period.

Based on this background, Maxuri as a brand-new start-up company engaged in the luxury stuff from Singapore feels confidence to expand to Indonesia.


Presentation given by Sophie Gorecki and Andy Roberts

The fact that the high demand for premium things in Indonesia is also one of the things that become consideration by Maxuri officials . In fact, Jakarta is not the only major city that has an interest in the luxury market as well as provide opportunities for Maxuri to growth such like Medan, Bandung, Makassar and Surabaya.

At a press conference held some time ago in the Cloud Lounge Jakarta, a presentation that describes the demographics of Internet users in Indonesia as well as the order of greatest interest on certain luxury label in major cities of Indonesia.

The press conference fronted by CEO and Co Founder Maxuri, Andy Roberts and Sophie Gorecki as Director of Maxuri.

The atmosphere of press conference in the Cloud Lounge, Jakarta

Through the site, Maxuri introduced a fresh concept that has not been introduced, namely the luxury marketplace or luxury trading site.

The distinguishes of Maxuri is offered as a supervisor online-based.

The directors of Maxuri

When other sites only offer one type of category of luxury to consumers, Maxuri boldly presents a number of categories required by the consumer in one place. Included in the luxury  category which offers Products, Experience, Premium watches, to Property.

Experience category itself is the most interesting thing on the site that has been established during the year. Starting from honeymoon in Maldives, taste red wine in the favorite vineyard, watch your favorite artist’s concert, attend fashion week, all of them are offered to suit the wishes and budget of the customer.

Andy Roberts, CEO dan Co Founder of Maxuri

Sophie Gorecki, Director and Co Founder of Maxuri

Menghadiri Milan Fashion Week merupakan salah satu program favorit yang digemari para konsumen. Melalui perbincangan singkat Bazaar dengan Andy Roberts, Ia menjelaskan tentang mekanisme untuk menghadiri pekan mode paling populer tersebut.

Attending Milan Fashion Week is one of the favorite programs favored by consumers. Through a short conversation of Bazaar with Andy Roberts, He describes the mechanisms for attending this most popular fashion week.

“They can choose two performances of the fashion house they want. Surely it would cost more for the show that is more popular. So everything is back to the budget and the wishes of each customer. We also provide an option for the packages contained in the program of this experience and we are trying to make these packages as personal as possible. ”

Maxuri also managed to become an innovative pioneer in the luxury content in a short time.

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