Beauty World is a place full of competition and sometimes nudging each other. To put yourself in this world is not wasy, let alone to maintain existence. Creativity, ingenuity in the business added by a sensitive intuition is a must-have character. Klara Sabotkoski, CEO & Founder’s Klara Cosmetic well aware of this challange, but the greater the challenge, he added more zest to deal with it. 

You became interested in the world of beauty at a young age and now a business owner.

I explore the beauty industry from the age of 14 years and start from scratch without any skill. At that time I was interested in the world of hairdressing and began his apprenticeship at a salon. One day the owner of the salon came up to me and said … in this field, you either got it or you do not (in this industry among you can be successful or not at all) commentary becomes a prod for me and I thought oh my god she’s probably right , This made me decide to quickly complete high school at the time. After that, I started applying for jobs and in a job interview, I was asked “in 5 years roughly where you are? I say hopefully be in your seat and become a CEO like you. Apparently my answer confidently make me acceptable work and a few years later when the salon will be sold, I was the first to be offered by my boss at the time. After that I never stopped looking for opportunities in the world of beauty and eventually decided to start his own brand.

Who is the source of your inspiration?                                                                                                                                         

I grew up in a family that often short of money and I see that my father had to work hard and sometimes borrow money. Seeing it all, I promised myself that someday I must succeed and have your own money .. The inspiration for my success is financial freedom and the desire to succeed in the thing I love.

What challenges or stumbling ever experienced in business?

Ever heard the saying a woman could move a mountain (women can move mountains)? The demands of women today not only raising children and caring for the family but is expected to work even run a business. I was a stumbling block when the number of orders booming and some products still have to be made in factories abroad. To achieve all this, I sell my property, take out loans in banks, risking everything I have for this business, including small salon that I have. Orders cosmetic products in large quantities is worth nearly 2 million dollars! At that time I was abroad for monitoring product this order but is still lacking. I got a call from the company that booked and given an ultimatum when the rest of the order did not arrive on time then they will cancel the transaction. I was shocked and thought, oh my God all is at stake for my products. Not only that when I failed and the transaction canceled, I had to close the salon, restore bank lending and could be my children can not go back to school. After several hours of crying and finally I thought hard as I’ve been absurdly tersadar..bahwa basah..terlalu many are already at stake and I will not go home empty-handed. I decided to go to the factory and asked the plant manager in order to complete the order no matter what happens. I offered to pay employees three times. I can not accept the rejection of him and I started giving various solutions so that my wishes come true. However, due to cultural differences he considered me as if he was up and making the discussion lasted a lot. Finally after a long negotiation, he phoned officials and they agreed to return to the factory and complete the order even though the factory was closed. Praise, orders are completed on time and successfully shipped to Australia. This is the biggest challenge and I got through.

Is there proudest moments when running this cosmetics business?

Before starting this business, there are some negative talk that says that beauty and hairdressing is not my destiny. But I am very competitive and I ignore the negative talk instead I followed the race styling my hair and be the winner! Though it was my first time to race and win when it feels boosted my confidence. Since then I am like an arrow from his bow off. Various beauty contest I follow from hair coloring, makeup to hair cutting .. I win all! There are a total of 25 awards that I have won in this industry in Australia and I was also selected so the hairdresser of the year. In 6 months my small salon staff ber 2 to 14 people, the clients were increased. It is extremely proud and be a proof to me could do it girl!

In addition to running a business, you are also a teacher?

Since the success of my salon, no agency of the Australian government is interested in the way I teach the interns at my salon. They say why not open a hairdresser school? Kan, so can teach them by your own. Well, I was challenged lagi..dont give me a challenge! Hahaha … as a result of these challenges, within 6 months I prepare a place for schools, and other government permits. Within one year, my students progressed from 6 to 100 people! I am proud of them because they want to learn even though no background hairdressing and beauty.

Many women who want to start their own business but are afraid to fail. Any advice?

I love women in business.. You must have passion and a strong will, a thirst for success. Do not have fear because this is what will make you fall. Not to regret not doing things you want to do. There are two sides in building technical bisnis..sisi is a research product, market and build financial terms. The other side is a strong desire and ambition to succeed and not afraid to take risks. If you are still working full time in the office, is not released yet. Start small first slowly. Do not be afraid to fail because failure will make you bounce back. Better to try than later regret. So, just do it!

Tips for women aged 40 to 50 years who want to wear dark makeup that is trendy?

Wow I’m in that age category though not yet 50 years old you know! I wore makeup dark color and I look great.hahaha !. Never concerned with age. Wear makeup with confidence. Tips I should not be too thick mengenakkannya and note the color balance. When it was dark eyeshadow, lipstick wear bright colors and go easy on the eyebrow, not too thick. Contouring technique is also important to add a dimension in the face and facial meniruskan.

Your opinion about beauty trends in 2017?

Lipsticks matte and contouring was rampant last year and this year it looks like everything is going into a rah opposite. For example, glossy lipstick will emerge with a texture like crystals but with new technology that makes it more durable lipstick, makeup futuristic style will also be popular. Contouring is still there but much lighter, but the dark eyeshadow will remain a favorite. Lipstick color will vary according musim..nanti during the summer will turn into light colors and pastel.

5 beauty products that all women should have?

Excellence face cleanser, foundation, mascara, lipstick and eyebrow pencil

When Klara had a spokesperson (celebrity or blogger) who do you choose?

Celebrity is not to be the benchmark or role model fatherly success of a brand for me. I am more satisfied when a woman I did not know, but I love the product and use my products and make-up is happy with the results without having to be paid. But when required to choose the person or representative spoke Klara, I would choose that are more mature.. maybe 30s and above who already had experience of life. Klara very bold makeup and women who wear it should have a high level of confidence and not afraid to show his true spirit.

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